Welcome to our services centre, we are ready to serve you from here. In over 17 years, we experienced a different type of computer problems complaint from our customers. We understand, some issue that no just a click button can be resolve and some time it also hard to explain. Over our professional engineer filtering, here we come our the most experience issue that you may face in your computer. We had filter some solution advise for you. 

At below, please choose one of the problems that you current facing, our system will filter the best solution for you.

I'm Mac (Apple) user

Sorry, this service is not available now. Any problem feel free to contact us through whatsapp or email.

Power button not function

When you plug in your power adapter you found that your power button is not functioning.
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Crashed blue screen

Appearing a blue screen with error code and shutdown your computer.
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Battery no charge

Battery not charging when you plug in your power adapter.
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Media not functioning

Your mic / speaker / webcam are not functioning.
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Hardware upgrade

You may request upgrade Ram / SSD / HDD.
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Input not functioning

Keyboard / Mouse / USB / Other are not functioning when you plug in those devices.
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Virus attached

Some of your file are not able to access or you might feel that your computer is very slow.
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Lost file / folder

Accidentally deleted your file or your file is corrupted (file cannot be open).
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Can't boost windows (OS)

Not starting your computer normally, appearing black screen or blue screen.
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No internet access

Wi-Fi not working can’t access to internet.
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Slow performance

Your computer is having slow performance.
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Computer lagging

Computer lagging for no reason, suddenly appearing lag.
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Software upgrade

You may request software upgrade from us. Example: Windows upgrade etc.
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I don't know / None of above

I can’t identify the problem. Please help.
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